In addition to making movies, I also design and maintain websites. In this section you can read about the story behind each site, and of course click through to check it out.

Take Back the Bread This website features videos of me making all sorts of different kinds of bread. The videos have been very popular - the site receives ten thousand visitors a month from all over the world. The YouTube site gets an equal number of novice bakers. The videos seem to work - I get emails almost everyday from people who have learned to bake homemade bread by watching these little films. If you have ever been tempted to make bread, here's your chance!

Toronto Nature This is a new website, started in 2013. I made a new year's resolution to take a new picture of Toronto's nature each day, and post it online. How can we protect what we don't love? The pictures are also posted on Twitter and Facebook. If you'd like to receive the pictures, please just click on the link and there's a way to sign up on the front page. The site also includes pages and pictures dealing with the best places to hike in Toronto.

Bloor Street United Church This is a website that I designed for Toronto's Bloor Street United Church. The site needed to be very flexible, with lots of room for growth. It features almost one hundred pages of content, videos, slideshows, and audio podcasts.